You are Loki the sheepdog, herding disobedient, ungrateful sheep to higher ground - to keep them safe from an encroaching tide. Can you save them all?*

Arrow keys or WASD control Loki. Press space to end a wave early.

Created for Global Game Jam 2017 in Brighton, UK!

Updated 30/01/2017 with some small bug fixes.


William Drew - Writer
Kev Adsett - Producer & Programmer
Anna Hollinrake - Artist & Stretch Co-Ordinator
Oliver Ryan - Artist & Diet Coke Supplier
Jack Hamilton - Artist & UI
Le-Roy Karunaratne - ProgrammaaaAAAAAH
Gavin Jones - Programmer & Design Sage
Emil Larsson - Musician & Spiritual Guide

*No. No you can't.

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