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Very chill. Amazing sound design. Good job. :)

the mechanic is great and plays nice. 

instead of being one single "song " it would be nice if different lvls were different songs, and i dont know why but it makes me wanna play at the beat of "coffin guys"

Thanks! Yeah, alas the music was a limitation of a 48hr jam.


Really impressive game! I would like to talk to you a bit more about it, reach out on discord ( or on twitter .

Impressive graphics!

Though it's really tough on keyboard XD, good work!

Just wonder if that white bullet was just faster or it need to be blocked by 2 shields?

Thanks! I am not sure on the rules of Ludum Dare re: changing things, but I think I'm going to move one of the shields onto mouse control when I get chance.

White bullets are just faster, but there's another use for the double shield later on. 

Cool, interesting game. If you're gonna build it further, I would highly recommend a massive explosion at the end for emotional impact when you lose, as well as a record of your high score!

I would say that the most confusing thing was the delay before spinning a shield around after pressing a key (if no key for that shield was being pressed beforehand). It would be nice to have less of a delay, if any at all.

Thanks! The "score" is currently how many hits you took when you finally succeed to the end, which is evidently a bit optimistic haha. Definitely will take those suggestions on board later.