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At the end of days, one unarmed escape pod is all that remains of humanity’s grand expedition to the stars. With little energy left in the tank, you’ll need quick reflexes (or the patience to try over) diverting shield power where it’s needed just in time to weather attacks from the ineffable beyond - and make it through to undiscover’d country.

Created for Ludum Dare 46 - "Keep it alive". I'd love your feedback here or over on LD, as well as those sweet votes!


  • Mouse control support
  • Improved death experience
  • Scoring/stat tracking
  • Changing visuals as you progress
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Rhythm, Survival
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Ludum Dare 46, Minimalist, Short, Singleplayer, Space, Twin Stick Shooter
LinksLudum Dare


Source 2 MB
Game [LD Compo Release] 18 MB


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Very chill. Amazing sound design. Good job. :)

the mechanic is great and plays nice. 

instead of being one single "song " it would be nice if different lvls were different songs, and i dont know why but it makes me wanna play at the beat of "coffin guys"

Thanks! Yeah, alas the music was a limitation of a 48hr jam.


Really impressive game! I would like to talk to you a bit more about it, reach out on discord (https://discord.gg/GXsR5U) or on twitter https://twitter.com/InverseOntology .

Impressive graphics!

Though it's really tough on keyboard XD, good work!

Just wonder if that white bullet was just faster or it need to be blocked by 2 shields?

Thanks! I am not sure on the rules of Ludum Dare re: changing things, but I think I'm going to move one of the shields onto mouse control when I get chance.

White bullets are just faster, but there's another use for the double shield later on. 

Cool, interesting game. If you're gonna build it further, I would highly recommend a massive explosion at the end for emotional impact when you lose, as well as a record of your high score!

I would say that the most confusing thing was the delay before spinning a shield around after pressing a key (if no key for that shield was being pressed beforehand). It would be nice to have less of a delay, if any at all.

Thanks! The "score" is currently how many hits you took when you finally succeed to the end, which is evidently a bit optimistic haha. Definitely will take those suggestions on board later.