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Deleted 1 year ago

It's true.

if you full screen you have to refresh to make it work

I don't understand :( the second amoeba I encounter doesn't do anything when I press H or WASD!



This game is absolutely adorable! great job. :)


Fun! Until

oh no! what browser/platform are you using?

Windows 10 Home on Google Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit). It stopped taking keyboard input afterwards and I tried playing again only to have the same thing happen shortly after unlocking all five language characters. But apparently that Chrome version is old... I'll let you know about the latest one.

Thanks for the info! I think I might have an idea what the issue is now!

We've fixed the crash bug, along with a couple others. Tightened up the tutorial conversation flow just a little while we were at it!

Nice! Is there an ending to the game? I couldn't figure out what to do after collecting 15 amoebas behind me (but maybe I missed one and lost track of where the title was, haha).

uh, not as such ^_^

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Oh. I thought there would be like a "You did it!" once you gather them all, or all the amoebas would merge into a multicellular organism or something, LOL. (And then the process would repeat but on a larger scale... hm...) EDIT: Wow, maybe this could be like a full-fledged game with many levels with room layouts and stuff and your cell creature constantly growing... as a paid app on the Google Play Store... hmm.